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Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College at Peelkhana, Dhaka is one of the most reputed educational institutions in Dhaka Metropolitan City. This institution is uniquely housed in a lush green shadowy environment with enviably safe surroundings. As a tranquil citadel of learning the pulpit disseminates enlightenment following the dictates of advance teaching methods.The blossoming of all the potentials of a learner is the unflinching task of the institution. The institution opened its door on the 1st of August in 1977 in order to help build up the offsprings of the BGB personnel as genuinely educated future citizens. Functioning under the direct patronage of Bangladesh BGB the institution is proud of getting the blessings of Director General and Deputy Director General of BGB as the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body. Under their superb guidance the tireless toils of the teachers and staff here have already earned for the institution the name and fame at the national level.

Online Admission-2019

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